First class security on the move

We don’t hire our security drivers for their driving skills alone. We also put a premium on intellectual acuity, so when you’re being driven by us you can be sure the person behind the wheel can deal with any threat to your security – on the road, or off it.

It’s this all-round suite of specialist skills, together with their previous experience, that has put Alchemy drivers in high demand throughout the industry.


Rapidly changing, detail - orientated itineraries require specialists who bring expert local knowledge of their cities. Our drivers act as the link between corporate departments, family offices, private airports and airfields and conference venues, and are dedicated to flawless customer service.

Their ability to draw upon extensive professional networks means they can blend driving skills and security awareness with superior, concierge-level client care.

Unparalleled driving and security expertise

Your driver will have worked for the British government, one of the armed forces or the traffic division of a major police service – and they will have earned top level passes from the most demanding advanced driving programmes.

All the drivers we employ can handle any threat, from armed ambush, car-jacking and hijacking to defensive driving and situations involving armoured cars.

That means you can relax and enjoy the experience of being driven by an expert who is skilled at driving high-performance luxury cars smoothly and efficiently, but who is also alert and able to react instantly to any potential threat.

When you put your safety in our hands, you deserve the best

Our team of elite security drivers is available to you whatever your location and we guarantee the driver we assign to you will have the local knowledge, essential language skills and cultural awareness to negotiate the local roads.


We operate a fleet of vehicles that are kept in pristine condition and boast unrivalled comfort, ensuring you arrive at your destination safely, on time and ready for business.