Reduce time, reduce risk, improve performance

VSAT™ enables you to conduct a security audit at scale to UK Government and internationally recognised standards. VSAT™ is ideally suited for an organisation that needs to conduct any form of security audit across multiple sites that are spread out geographically, thereby avoiding costly and time-consuming visits and enabling you to make risk-based decisions on where, what, how and by whom any extra security investment might be required.

Bespoke audits and survey made easy

By answering a number of detailed questions on a range of security related areas that cover Physical Security, Personnel, Housekeeping, Information and Cyber Security as well as Emergency Response and Business Resilience you can determine your level of risk across the whole of your estate. The question sets are modular so you can add your own detailed questions. Thus providing a tailor-made solution for your precise needs. Once completed, you will instantly receive an Executive Summary that provides a top line risk rating along with the level of risk being carried across the individual areas that have been assessed. Plus you will see a detailed assessment report which sets out the risk rating for each individual question and provides detailed advice and guidance in line with the answer provided.

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