The values of alchemy global

What sets us apart from the competition? It’s our strong commitment to upholding important self-defined values, both internally and throughout our wider network. As a business, we know the importance of providing a specialised service that can be trusted – when the risks are high, trust is everything. These values help to exceed the expectations of our clients who rely on us to safeguard their assets, their loved ones and their lives.









Safety and assurance

Nothing comes before the safety and satisfaction of clients. As they trust us with their lives, we strive for perfection. We set the bar high and demand exemplary standards from our people. We equip them with the knowledge, insight, tools and training they need to deliver a genuinely first-class worldwide security service.


The quality of our organization is measured by the quality of our people. We source the majority of our talent from the police or the military. Alchemy Global professionals are experienced, highly trained, and intensively vetted. We select the very best and demand the highest possible standards.


Integrity is the cornerstone of Alchemy Global’s values. Our success is driven by the respect we have earned from our clients and our partners. They know us as an organisation that promotes honesty transparency and a culture of responsibility. The proof of that integrity is demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients. Once they know, they come back to us time after time.


Every job we undertake is unique because people are unique, and security is nothing if not a people business. We adapt the nature of our service to the specific needs and demands of every different individual. We are often exposed to the intimate details of our clients lives and businesses. Our clients return to us because of the strong bonds of trust and respect we develop with them. They return to us because of the relationships that inevitably build when working closely together. We listen, we understand, we act.