Residential and Estate Security

Your home is sacrosanct, and you have the right to absolute certainty about your safety when you and the people who matter most to you are there.

Alchemy’s estate security service is designed to be as unique as your specific circumstances, and our specialist security personnel are among the most skilled and experienced in the world.

Offering unrivalled professionalism and detailed practical and technological knowledge and expertise, we’ll be delighted to make sure your home is the secure retreat it ought to be.

Peace of mind at all times

There are many reasons why you and your family might feel you would benefit from having greater protection at home.

You may have been the victim of burglary, be the subject of a specific threat or feel you’re at risk from someone with a grudge. Or you maybe a public figure who needs shielding from fans and the media or wants protection from stalkers.

Our expertise and experience mean we can protect you from any real or perceived threat.

Helping you to stay safe

Alchemy regularly provides training for family members and associates travelling abroad with our primary clients, teaching them how to stay vigilant in new and potentially dangerous environments.

And our service isn’t limited to protecting people. Some clients may also need our help when transporting valuable assets and we provide the extra protection needed to ensure that whatever is in transit reaches its final destination safe and sound.

Discreet, sensitive and professional

Clients who use our security services want to live life with minimum disturbance and interruption, so our people are sensitive to those needs, operating with discretion and as visibly or covertly as your preference or the perceived threat level demands.

Our tiered threat assessment looks at three key security areas so we can fully understand your security needs and offer a precisely tailored solution.

Thoroughly screened and vetted staff

All our staff are personally recruited against demanding criteria and exacting standards of efficiency, customer service and quality, and are trained to be a valuable addition to your household in all respects, performing front-of-house tasks such as greeting guests and receiving deliveries, to monitoring security systems and keeping an accurate log of visitors.

Our security teams are all SIA-licensed close protection officers, many of whom have a military or police background. All of them will have undergone screening in accordance with British Standards 7858: