Protective Surveillance Services

Outstanding protective surveillance for you and your business

Whether you require surveillance protection as part of a wider security undertaking or as a standalone service to meet a specific need, we can offer exactly the right level of expertise for the task at hand.

Our clients are generally individuals who have clear and present security concerns, but who require discreet and unobtrusive surveillance protection to live a life that is as normal and everyday as possible.

We have served a diverse range of individuals that include well-known sportsmen and women, government ministers, celebrities, high- and ultra-high net worth individuals and C-suite executives.

What is protective surveillance ?

Protective surveillance gives you the same benefits as close protection, but without the highly visible presence of one or more bodyguards by your side all the time.

Our highly skilled operatives can maintain a low profile by acting as family members, a companion or a member of domestic staff, but are still able to manage risk, ensure safe and speedy evacuation from an area if necessary, or face down a real threat when needed.

Unlike classic surveillance, which is carried out at a distance, protective surveillance is done in close proximity allowing a fast response to quickly changing circumstances, whether at home or on the move.

This type of security may also be more culturally acceptable when overseas, helping to avoid offending local sensitivities.

Specialists in the bigger picture

We provide you and your family with an effective ring of close protection by understanding the bigger picture. That means we may need to carry out advance reconnaissance of a location, vet individuals you are meeting or manage travel arrangements and devise exit strategies.

By being across every aspect of your movement and needs, we’re able to ensure you are protected at all times.

Exceptional people for an exceptional job

Top tier protective surveillance can only be delivered by operatives who are dedicated, experienced and highly skilled in this uniquely specialised type of security work.

Many of our people have a background in UK special forces or the police service and every operative we hire takes great pride in the level of service they provide, whatever your needs.